Brand: Kässbohrer


In 1911, Karl Kassborer planned to open a bus route Wieblingen — Ulm-Wieblengen. For this purpose, a separate transport company was opened and a bus was built on the chassis of a Saurer truck by the Kässbohrer company. The trucks of this Swiss company were of excellent quality and were sold in many European countries.

The first Kässbohrer bus had a 30 hp four-cylinder engine. The body of the bus did not indulge in the comfort of passengers. But the device turned out to be durable and worked for a long time on the Wiblingen-Ulm-Wiblengen line.

As it is not surprising, but at first buses were not the main activity of Kässbohrer. Preference was given to trailers and semi-trailers for trucks. And today Kässbohrer trailers are on the market, but they are much less known than Setra buses.

1936 Mercedes Benz Kässbohrer Grossraum Sattelbus

1936 Mercedes Benz Kässbohrer Grossraum Sattelbus

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