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Marion Motor Car Company

The Marion Motor Car Company was an American automobile manufacturer that was in operation from 1904 to 1915. It was based in Marion, Indiana, and was founded by J.B. Coblentz and his son-in-law, George W. King.

The company produced a range of cars, from two-cylinder runabouts to six-cylinder touring cars. One of its most popular models was the Marion Bobcat, which was a small, inexpensive car that was marketed towards middle-class buyers. The Bobcat was powered by a two-cylinder engine and could reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

Despite its initial success, the Marion Motor Car Company faced financial difficulties and went through several ownership changes during its short existence. In 1915, the company was sold to the Auburn Automobile Company, which continued to produce cars under the Marion brand for a few more years before eventually phasing it out.

Today, the Marion Motor Car Company is remembered as a small but innovative player in the early days of the American automobile industry.

1912 Marion Model 33 Bobcat

1912 Marion Model 33 Bobcat

The 1912 Marion Model 33 Bobcat is a vintage automobile produced by the Marion Motor Car Company in ..

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