1950 Velocette 348cc KTT MK VIII Racing Motorcycle

The Velocette KTT MK VIII was a highly sought-after racing motorcycle produced by Velocette, a British motorcycle manufacturer. The KTT model was first introduced in 1925 and was continuously developed and refined over the years.

The 1950 Velocette 348cc KTT MK VIII was equipped with a single-cylinder engine that produced around 35 horsepower. It featured a four-speed gearbox, a rigid frame, and a front girder fork suspension. The bike was designed to be lightweight and agile, with a focus on handling and speed.

The KTT was a popular choice among privateer racers in the 1950s and was successful in a variety of racing disciplines, including road racing, dirt track racing, and hill climbs. Velocette's reputation for building high-quality racing motorcycles earned them numerous victories and accolades throughout their history.

Today, the Velocette KTT MK VIII remains a highly desirable motorcycle among collectors and enthusiasts. Its classic design and racing pedigree make it a true icon of British motorcycling history.

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Production Start 1950
Country of origin Great Britain