Brand: Swift

Swift Motor Company

The Swift Motor Company was founded in Coventry, England, by the bicycle manufacturer, Swift Cycles. In 1900, they produced their first car, a lightweight vehicle with a single-cylinder engine. The company went on to produce a range of cars, including sports cars, luxury cars, and commercial vehicles. One of the notable achievements of the Swift Motor Company was the introduction of the first British car to feature a supercharger in 1924. The company also had a successful racing program, which included competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1926 and 1927. However, like many car manufacturers of the time, the Swift Motor Company struggled during the economic depression of the late 1920s and early 1930s. In 1931, the company went into receivership, and its assets were sold to the Rootes Group. The Swift brand name was eventually phased out, and the company ceased to exist as a separate entity.

1904 Swift 7hp Four Seater

1904 Swift 7hp Four Seater

The 1904 Swift 7hp Four Seater was a car produced by the Swift Motor Company, which was based in Cov..

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