1901 Pick 4 hp Two-seater Voiturette

  • Brand: Pick
  • Car Code: 201225

Jack Pick established a reputation as a bicycle manufacturer in Stamford, Lincolnshire, before commencing motor car production at the turn of the century. Early Picks were De Dion-powered and it seems that later engines were bought from Allard & Co. of Coventry, before Pick manufactured their own engines. Lincolnshire-built cars are as rare as hens’ teeth, the other marque of note being the Rose National built at nearby Gainsborough. Only one other Pick is believed to survive, a 1912 20hp Doctors Coupé, that particular car and this car having both spent much of their lives in their county of origin.

This 1901 car is believed to be the oldest surviving Pick and research indicates that it may be the prototype car exhibited at The Cordingley Show at the Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington in May 1901. It features a forward mounted, vertical, single cylinder engine, believed to be manufactured by Allard and very similar to the engines fitted to the contemporary International Charette. The engine is water-cooled with an automatic inlet valve and mechanical, overhead exhaust valve. The car has two forward speeds and drives by belt and double chain to the rear axle.

Descriptions & pictures by bonhams & flickr & velocetoday

Production Start 1901
Country of origin USA