1906 Stuart 7HP Two-Seater

  • Brand: Stuart
  • Car Code: 160555

1906 Stuart 7HP Two-Seater

Stuart motor cars were manufactured from 1906 to 1908 by the Star Cycle Company. One of Britain's top six motor manufacturers prior to WWI, Wolverhampton-based Star had produced its first automobile in 1898. A close neighbour of Sunbeam, what would become the Star group of companies had been founded by Edward Lisle Sr, and would later also build Starling-badged cars under the guidance of his son, Edward Jr. Although technically un-adventurous in its early years, Star built up a deserved reputation for building luxuriously appointed and well constructed cars, aided by the fact that it made most of its parts, chassis frames excepted, in house.

This two-seater Stuart is powered by a 1,351cc twin-cylinder engine and has a three-speed gearbox and shaft final drive. Believed exhibited at the Stanley Show in 1906.

Descriptions & Pictures by bonhams

Production Start 1906
Country of origin USA