1907 Austin Model LX-T 60Hp

  • Brand: Austin
  • Car Code: 190663

1907 Austin Model LX-T 60Hp Seven-Passenger Touring

This 1907 Austin Model LX-T 60HP Seven-Passenger Touring is the only known 60 horsepower, four-cylinder example known to exist. It was driven to California in 1913 where it developed transmission issues. The transmission was sent back to the Austin factory, but it never returned. The car was put into storage until it was acquired around the early 1950s by Ray Zeund of Dixon, Illinois. It was sold in 1968 to Richard Pettingell of Ellenville, New York, who completed the restoration. At the time, the car was complete with the exception of the transmission and some of the lamps. Proper E&J headlamps, taillamp, and acetylene generator were sourced, and the body refinished in the correct color scheme of cream and brown with brown leather upholstery and mahogany trim, exactly as described in Austin brochures. The dashboard was outfitted with a Warner Auto-Meter (combination speedometer/odometer) and Chelsea clock illuminated by two small lamps with brass shades. There is a wicker basket at the rear.

Mr. Pettingell drove the car on the 4,400-mile Transcontinental Reliability Tour between Montreal, Quebec, and Tijuana, Mexico, in 1972. The car is currently equipped with a White four-speed transmission, with overdrive fourth gear, which is suitable for highway driving. A ring gear was added to the flywheel as well as an electric starter for ease of operation.

Around 1985, the car entered the Don C. Boulton collection.

The car is powered by a 522.7 cubic-inch F-head four-cylinder engine offering 60 horsepower, mated to a four-speed White manual transmission, with drum brakes in the back.

Descriptions & pictures by cumbriancarnut & hiveminer & other

Production Start 1907
Country of origin USA