1908 Renault Type AX Runabout

1908 Renault Type AX Phaeton

The first cars created by Louis Renault, from 1900, are equipped with a single-cylinder engine De Dion Bouton. From 1903, the range is enriched by a twin engine developed by the manufacturer and which is available in several engine. In 1905 appears the Type AG, the first to be equipped with a version 1 060 cm3 of this twin engine. This model will be quickly popular because it is adopted by the "Société des Automobiles de Place", a taxi company whose cars will be used in 1914 to transport troops to the front and become the famous "Taxis de la Marne". This Type AG evolves and its capacity increases, and it is the Type AX, launched in 1908, which inherits the 1,060 cm3 twin engine. Nicknamed the "two-legged", this small car will meet an important popular success: it is considered as the first economic Renault. Its simplicity facilitates mass production, which limits manufacturing costs. It is sold with a single two-seater convertible body and will remain in the catalog until 1913.


Descriptions and pictures by artcurial

Production Start 1908
Country of origin France