1909 Renault AX 8hp Two-seater

1909 Renault AX 8hp Two-seater

The Renault AX was produced between 1908 and 1914 and was mostly used by cab drivers.

The AX had a 2-cylinders straight engine with a displacement of 1,060 cc and a power of 8 kW. Its maximum speed was 34 mph (55 km/h). The vehicle weighed 750 kg.

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Pioneers in the French motor industry, Renault enjoyed considerable distinction in the early days of motor sport in such notable events as the Paris-Bordeaux and Paris-Vienna races, Marcel Renault's victory in the latter race in 1902 putting the marque firmly on the map. Marcel's death in the notorious 1903 Paris-Madrid race was a serious blow resulting in Louis Renault's withdrawal from motor racing, concentrating on continuing production of well engineered motor cars with engines designed by Viet, brother-in-law to Georges Bouton. The announcement of the twin-cylinder models AX and AG in 1905 heralded perhaps the most commercially successful of all Renault's pre Great War models. Here was a car of simple design, easy to drive and with mechanical features which even a horse groom might begin to understand. The vertical twin-cylinder engine, with mechanically operated valves, was simple and robust, endearing qualities to the novice motorist, and the three-speed gearbox was simplicity itself.

There are few cars which within veteran car owners' circles which command the respect of the Renault AX. These twin cylinder 8hp cars consistently demonstrate their reliability in club events, the AX models holding station quite well motoring alongside four-cylinder counterparts and generally arriving at coffee and lunch stops in time for the early pickings. The success of the model is demonstrated by a long production run which continued until the outbreak of hostilities in 1914. A further attraction of AX ownership lies in the extremely active Renault Frères Club which not only organises excellent events in the U.K. and France but also offers an invaluable spares service to Renault owners.

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Production Start 1909
Country of origin France