1961 Kenworth W900

In 1956, Kenworth introduced the 900-series conventional-cab truck, replacing the 500-series introduced in 1939. As with its predecessor, the 900-series shared the chassis of the Kenworth cabover, replacing the "Bullnose" Kenworth COE with the Kenworth K100. As before, a side-opening "butterfly" hood was standard, but a forward tilting fiberglass hood became an option for the first time.

In 1961, Kenworth introduced the W900 conventional as the replacement for the 900-series. As part of several major design changes, the cab was completely redesigned, raising the height of the cab roof and windows and mounting the two windshield panes together. To better allow for engine cooling, the radiator was widened slightly, with the tilting hood made standard. While the headlights remained fender-mounted, the housings were faired into the fenders.

Production Start 1961
Country of origin USA