1911 Le Zebre Type A

1911 Le Zebre Type A

Among the French cars before the First World War, one of the most famous brands is undoubtedly the firm of Jules Salomon: Le Zèbre, located near Paris in Suresnes in the Seine district, the "cradle of the car ". This engineer will be at the origin of the Citroën 5HP and the first Amilcar! When Jules Salomon took care of a project, the project quickly became a success!

This same reflection has generated these three successes whose specifications are clear: simplicity, quality, reliability, robustness, economical purchase and maintenance. Le Zèbre fits well with all of these qualities, it has the reputation not usurped of a car without worries. Its name comes from the qualities of the animal as advertised at the time: "The Zebra runs 3 times faster and eats 2 times less than the horse! ".

The model presented here belonged to the collection of Brasseries Kronenbourg, dispersed by the hammer of Master Osenat in 1979! Then it was bought by its current owner in 1992.

Descriptions & Pictures by wikipedia & osenat

Production Start 1911
Country of origin France