1911 Renault CC Tourer

1911 Renault CC Tourer

Founded by Louis Renault and his brothers Marcel and Fernand in 1899, the company that would become France's biggest automobile manufacturer started humbly enough, with a solitary 1¾hp De Dion-engined prototype. By 1904 Renault was building its own engines - large-capacity fours at first, followed by the AX twin - and in 1908 introduced its first six-cylinder model despite Louis Renault's aversion to such complication. Renault exported many luxury chassis to the USA in the 20th Century's early years, opening a showroom on New York's Fifth Avenue in 1909. The company's American agency proudly described the Renault in its advertisements as 'the car that will last forever'.

This particular model is built on the Type CC chassis and has a 3,560cc four-cylinder engine, cone clutch and four-speed gearbox. Renault Motor Company records show that the car was exported to Australia via Messrs Tozer, Kemsley & Fisher on 17th July 1911. The car was imported into the UK from Australia in the mid-1980s and has been in the same family ownership ever since. During the current ownership, it has participated in almost all of the annual Renault Frères rallies in France, including the 1999 Centenary event in Paris, and was featured by the manufacturers on their stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The restoration of this car was undertaken in 1986, a new body in the style of Labourdette being made by Penny Vintage Carriage Bodies Ltd. The engine was completely rebuilt at the same time, including pistons, reground crankshaft, new white metalling and bronze housings, while a new crown-wheel-and-pinion was fitted also. New timing gear was fitted in 2010 and the car also boasts the convenience of an electric starter.

The upholstery is in black Connolly hide and the car has a two-man folding hood and tonneau cover. An original Louis Vuitton trunk is fitted. The headlamps are BRC, the side-lamps with folding bail handles are by Bedford, the horn is by Bleriot and the rear lights are Lucas.

Descriptions & pictures by bonhams & wikimedia & flickr & les-renault-d-avant-guerre & Other

Production Start 1911
Country of origin France