1972 Porsche 911 S 2.4 Targa

1972 Porsche 911 S 2.4 Targa

Porsche developed a reputation early on for their surprising performance from their small displacement rear-engine sports and racing cars. These "giant killers" could outperform cars with much higher horsepower figures by making light cars with incredible handling. This combination gave Porsches their truly unique driving characteristics and solidified their dedicated following of Porsche enthusiasts.

Starting in 1964 with the original 911, Porsche has produced a line of six-cylinder rear-engine sportscars that could compete with much more powerful cars thanks to their low weight and superior handling. The 911 quickly became an icon of performance and handling, offering a driving experience unlike anything else. The 911 has continuously evolved into a more sophisticated, powerful, and capable driving machine, as well as a reliable and usable car.

1969 ushered in the first major changes to the iconic Porsche 911. Retaining the unique and successful rear engine layout as well as the same basic styling, the majority of the changes to the 911 were internal. Dimensionally, the rear track and wheelbase grew, while the overall length stayed the same as the earlier cars. Mechanical fuel injection debuted this year as well as in top-of-the-line 911S and the new 911E, and later in the 2.4-Liter 911T, or Touring. 911E received its name from Einspritzung, the German term for injection. Engine size increased from 2.0-Liters to 2.2-Liters, and finally in 1972, to 2.4-Liters, making it the final and fully evolved version of the original long-hood 911 model, arguably the most collectible version today.

Porsche added an open-top variant to the 911-model range for 1967 featuring a stainless steel-clad roll bar and removable roof panel. Commemorating Porsche's successive wins at the famous Sicilian Road race, the new model was termed "Targa", a term coined by other manufacturers since to describe this body configuration. The new 911 Targa was as close as Porsche came to 'wind in the hair' 911 motoring until the introduction of a full Cabriolet in the early 1980s.

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Production Start 1972
Production End 1973
Country of origin France