1912 Peugeot Type 138 Torpedo Tourisme

1912 Peugeot Type 138 Torpédo Tourisme
The Type 116, 126 and 138 were three high-end cars produced from 1909 to 1912 by the French car manufacturer Peugeot .
The Type 116 was introduced in 1909 to replace the Type 106 . It was a double phaeton very elegant, long 3.93 m wide and 1.65. It was fitted with a 4- cylinder in-line engine , arranged in a longitudinal front position. The displacement was equal to 2212 cm³ , while the maximum speed reached was 55 km / h. The Type 116 was produced only in 1909 in 500 copies, a good figure for the time.
In 1910 came the replacement of the Type 116, called Type 126. This car had the particularity of being offered in two very distant and detached engines. The largest was the same used previously on the Type 116, while the smallest was fitted with a small 785 cm³ single-cylinder engine capable of significantly lower performance than the larger displacement version. This was due to the fact that the presence of an intermediate engine, for example around 1.8 liters, would have risked creating a sort of internal competition, since in the same period the Peugeot Type 127 and 143 already existed ., which had a displacement of 2 liters. In any case, the Type 126 met with some success, having only been produced in 1910 in 350 units. It became one of the favorite cars of doctors and traveling salesmen.
In 1911 came the replacement of the Type 126. Named Type 138 and available as a torpedo , it grew significantly in size, reaching a length of 4.25 m, with a wheelbase of 3 meters. Even the mechanics underwent profound updates, the most visible of which was the engine, a 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2614 cc. The Type 138 was produced until the end of 1912 in 925 units.

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Production Start 1912
Country of origin France