1913 Lancia Theta Speedster Runabout

  • Brand: Lancia
  • Car Code: 940748

1913 Lancia Theta Speedster Runabout

Vincenzo Lancia, who had previously been FIAT's chief test driver, founded his own company in 1906. The first Lancia cars were introduced a year later, in 1907. By 1913, they introduced their 35 horsepower Theta, which was powered by a 4940cc four-cylinder side-valve engine offering 70 BHP. The engine was capable of carrying the car to a top speed of around 120 km/h depending on the coachwork.

The Theta was given a built-in electrical system that included an electric starter (the first of its kind in Europe). Two wheelbase lengths were available including a 3100mm and 3367mm platform.

The Lancia Theta was popular in the United States, despite their enormous price tag. To help keep the cars affordable, Lancia delivered the cars as chassis and they were typically bodied by coachbuilders in the New York area. Several Holbrook examples were built, as was this particular example, wearing Hayes and Miller coachwork.

Production of the Lancia Theta lasted until 1919, with nearly 1,700 examples built. It is believed that only 25 examples have survived.

This Roadster is a largely original car that has never been fully taken down and restored. It has resided in a small collection for many decades and has been well maintained and used frequently but sparingly. It is believed the cosmetics may have been done in the 1960s. A few years ago, a second engine was fitted to the car and the original and assorted spares still accompany the car.

The engine is a five-liter motor that is matted to a four-speed transmission.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & ruotevecchie & bonhams

Production Start 1913
Country of origin Italy