1913 Turcat-Mery Model MJ Boulogne Roadster

1913 Turcat-Mery Model MJ Boulogne Roadster

At the age of twenty-two, cousins Leon Turcat and Simon Mery decided to enter the automotive business. Mery had an engineering degree and Turcat also had an advanced degree. The year was 1899 when the Turcat, Mery and Company was formed. Two prototypes were constructed and by 1901, they had created their first production car, which was powered by a four-cylinder engine that produced 16 horsepower. Top speed was around 80 km/h.

Their creations were on display at the 1901 Paris Motor Show. At the show, they met Adrien de Turckheim, who would later become influential in the longevity of the company by providing financial backing. Turckheim was in the railway construction business and was looking to diversify his endeavors.

Seeking to enhance the company's prospects even further, and to promote their automobiles, the Turcat-Mery automobiles were entered into competition. At the Platrieres hillclimb, Henri-Louis Rougier drove a Turcat-Mery to an overall victory. From there, the car was entered in endurance races which included the Paris to Madrid race and the Paris to Vienna race.

Sales were strong and the company prospered.

During the first World War, the company switched to the manufacturing of war materials, mostly ammunition. At the end of the war, the company moves into larger facilities which are better equipped for automobile production. The cost of this, plus the escalated costs of scarce raw materials, made it difficult for the company to continue. By 1921, the company was experiencing serious financial difficulties. Reorganization occurred in 1921, followed by another in 1924.

Production continued until 1928. The company continued to offer parts and services, and old products until 1933.

Turcat-Mery was a French manufacturer in 1899. The marque won the inaugural Monte Carlo Rally in 1911.

This 1913 Model MJ Roadster has a 25 horsepower, 3-liter, 4-cylinder engine very similar to that of the Lorraine-Dietrichs of the period. The two companies shared much of their design and manufacturing and were closely linked throughout their histories. Although Turcat-Mery had some success, the company closed down in 1928.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & flickr & fiskens & patrimoineautomobile & commons.wikimedia

Production Start 1913
Country of origin France