1915 Oakland Model 37 Speedster

1915 Oakland Model 37 Speedster
In 1908, Oakland became one of the founding marques of William Durant's General Motors. The company appealed to Mr. Durant for its background in the carriage business. The vehicles were well-engineered, and except for the speedster model of the mid-teens, were not very sporty. Currently only two surviving Oakland speedsters are known to exist.
Oakland would later begin the 'junior' Pontiac, which succeeded it entirely in 1932. The Oakland name was retired at the end of the 1931 season.
This particular example was given a complete professional restoration in 1995 and finished in a shade of Dove Gray accented by red leather bucket seats and nickel plated trim. The engine is a 192.4 cubic-inch four-cylinder unit offering 39.5 horsepower and mated to a three-speed manual transmission. It has a 112-inch wheelbase, semi-elliptic suspension with solid axles, and rear two-wheel mechanical drum brakes. There is a one-man folding top with oval-cut glass backlight, plus electrically operated headlights and taillamp.
Shortly after the restoration was completed it was exhibited at the Pontiac-Oakland Nationals, where it was awarded Best of Show.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & rmsothebys & flickr & other
Production Start 1915
Country of origin USA