1926 Avions Voisin C4 S coach

Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1921, the C4 came to complete the Voisin range, which lacked a model more accessible than the big 4-litres C5. The displacement increased from 1243cc to 1328cc for the C4 S, launched in 1924, which at the same time received brakes on the front wheels.
This car is one of the last produced, probably received a new body in the 1930s, in a more modern style than the original, with an elegant tapered rear. It comes with its mascot, the interior was embellished with a wooden trim and the dashboard features a drum style speedometer, reflecting the unconventional tastes of Gabriel Voisin. The car was restored in the workshops of André Trigano where it received all the care this pretty car deserved, an example from one of the most innovative manufacturers in the history of the automobile.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & artcurial & patrimoineautomobile
Production Start 1926
Country of origin France