1917 Locomobile Model 38 Limousine

1917 Locomobile Model 38 Limousine
Locomobile was founded in June of 1899 by Cosmopolitan magazine editor and publisher, John Brisben Walker and Amzi Lorenzo Barber. Barber had made a fortune in the asphalt business. Their early cars were small steam-powered vehicles built to a Stanley design. The company would endure ownership and management changes during the first few years, along with a merger, and the development of a new gasoline model.
In 1905, Locomobile had entries in the Gordon Bennet Cup in France and the 1905 and 1906 Vanderbilt Cup races held at Long Island, where a third-place podium was scored in 1905. The entry for the 1906 Vanderbuilt Cup race was called 'Old 16' and it would re-appear at the Vanderbilt Cup race in 1908 where it was driven by George Robertson to a new speed record and became the first American-built car to win the prestigious event. Several more wins were scored in 1908.
Having achieved impressive racing accomplishments, Locomobile withdrew from racing by 1909. Locomobile's road models were reorganized for 1909 and beyond.
Locomobile went by the slogan the 'Best Built Car in America' - and it was also one of the most expensive. By 1911, the 6-cylinder Model 48 cost $7,900, so most were owned by members of America's aristocracy. In 1912, Locomobile came out with a smaller version of their Model 48, the Model 38, delivering 38 horsepower, and it was offered until late 1917.

Descriptions & pictures by conceptcarz & flickr & juricastricum
Production Start 1917
Country of origin USA