1920 AAA Electro car

  • Brand: AAA
  • Car Code: 301179

The cars were powered by electric motors. The AAA was a large four door saloon. The cars advertised featured closed bodies with the simple square shape characteristic of 1920s car designs. At the 1919 Paris Motor Show the manufacturer offered two different chassis lengths of 3,100 mm (120 in) and 3,500 mm (140 in), the two models being designated the “AAA 6A Serie” and the “AAA 10A Luxe”.

The price of 55,000 francs for the larger car even in bare chassis form was considered very high. However, the price included a ten-year “Mechanical guarantee”, which was at the time exceptional. The top speed quoted was 45 km/h (28 mph) and the range between charges was given as 120 km (75 miles). Power storage involved accumulator batteries with 42 cells.

Production Start 1920
Production End 1921
Country of origin France