1929 Delage D6 Torpedo Dual Cowl Phaeton

  • Brand: Delage
  • Car Code: 210100

1929 Delage D6 Torpedo Dual Cowl Phaeton by Reklus

Along with the D8, the Delage D6 was produced during the halcyon days of the French company. Famed for the quality, luxury, elegance, and reliability in their street cars, Delage even won the Grand Prix World Championship in 1927. The cars also offered excellent value, and Gabriel Voisin (of the famed Avions Voisin company) is reported to have said that he could not explain how Delage was able to sell such fine cars at such low prices. Evidently, Delage was not able to do so after all, and the company went into receivership in 1935. The company was later bought by Delahaye and subsequent Delages, while fine cars, did not possess the same level of performance or engineering, making these earlier cars the last of the `real` Delages in which Louis Delage played a significant role.

The Delage company has to their credit many records including a world championship and more awards at the principal concour d' elegance than any other car in the world and they have made the highest known degree of luxury performance available at the price the average motorist can pay. Even a new world land speed record mark was set in 1924 together with victories in the Le Mans and Indianapolis races.

Only a few D6 chassis's have been sent to the most fashionable French coachbuilders like Henry Chapron or Figioni Et Falaschi or others who created real masterpieces and objects d' art and are highly sought after all over the world.

This particular car began life as a seven passenger limousine, but has been fitted with a spectacular dual cowl body by Reklus cars, an Argentinean company famous for their restorations of recreations of important pre-war cars. It is very elegant and striking body, built to very high standards with excellent detailing. Mechanically, the car is complete but requires some further sorting. Because of the length of the chassis, the shifter is remote but is not functioning properly at this time.

This car has been built to special order for a gentleman and the coachbuilder's label Guillaume Busson, Nanterre is displayed on the dashboard. Only one similar car survived which was raced by the daughter of one of the most remembered Bugatti Racing drivers.

Very recently this car has seen a complete nut and bolt restoration by specialists and has Argentinian documents and all EEC taxes paid.Until today this car has been on display at the Automobile Museum Stainz and is presented in brilliant condition throughout

Descriptions & pictures by fantasyjunction & hemmings & vandpcars.smugmug & yaplakal & fantasyjunction

Production Start 1929
Country of origin France