1934 Mercedes-Benz 380 K Sport Roadster

1934 Mercedes-Benz 380 K Sport Roadster
Mercedes-Benz took a big step up the evolutionary ladder with the 380 introduced in 1933. After constructing six-cylinder cars for over 20 years, the 380 saw the introduction of an all-new eight-cylinder engine. It would be the first of a great series of eight-cylinder road cars from Mercedes-Benz, of which the 540K is the most legendary. The engine would also form the base of the engine of the all-conquering W25 Grand Prix racers.
Four different versions of the 380 engine were available, three with an engagable Supercharger and a naturally-aspirated version. In Naturally Aspirated form the engine was good for 90 bhp, with the Roots-Type Supercharger engaged the output varied from 120 to 144 bhp. One lateral camshaft operated the overhead valves. Mated to the engine was a syncromesh four-speed gearbox.
The drivetrain was mounted in a box-section pressed steel low-bed frame. The chassis featured all-round independent suspension by wishbones at the front and swing-axles at the rear. A series of bodies was available from the Sindelfingen works including various convertibles, a sedan, a tourer and a sports tourer. The 380 chassis cost RM 13,000 (Reichs Mark) and a complete car was RM 19,500 regardless of the bodytype chosen.
After 154 examples of the Mercedes-Benz 380 were produced, it was superseded by the larger engined 500 K in 1934.

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Production Start 1934
Country of origin Germany