1934 Peugeot 601 Roadster

1934 Peugeot 601 Roadster
The 1934 Peugeot 601 Roadster presented here is an extremely rare body style produced by the factory, a style that was a frequently a prize-winner in period concours d’elegance. Just 109 examples of the 601 two-seat roadster were built. It is thought that as few as only 20 examples may survive today worldwide, and likely that this is the only one in the U.S. This example was sold new and remained in France until the mid-1990's. The car was sold to the Netherlands at that time, where a five-year overhaul and restoration was undertaken by specialists before becoming part of an important Dutch Peugeot collection. Among the also very rare features on this Peugeot are the desirable Robri wire wheels with chrome spokes and hub cabs and Marchal Aerolux headlights.
This car is finished in a striking combination of a dark blue exterior with rich red leather, steering wheel, trim and top. The sporty lines of the body are accentuated by the absence of running boards. The sweeping front fenders end ahead of the door lines. The low-mounted chrome Aeorlux headlamps and the spare mounted on the rear deck, the radiator trim and ornamentation, the extended hood line running to the base of the windshield to accentuate the length, a single narrow line of trim running the length of the sides and chrome plated bumpers all contribute to the unique presence and elegance of this very special automobile. Although the car is described as a roadster, it does feature roll up windows in the doors together with the well fitting cloth top. The car drives a great as it looks.

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Production Start 1934
Country of origin France