1935 Austro-Daimler Bergmeister

1935 Austro-Daimler Bergmeister

AUSTRO-DAIMLER was an Austrian automaker that began in 1899 as the Austrian Daimler Engine Society producing engines for many modes of transport. It began making cars in 1900 and soon became an established manufacturer of quality vehicles, receiving royal patronage from Prince Heinrich of Prussia. However, after World War One the company started to collapse and in order to survive it entered into a number of poor alliances.

The last great car produced by the company appeared in 1931 and was called the Bergmeister – which means ‘mountain master’. It featured a 3,6-litre overhead-cam engine that developed 89 kilowatts at 3600 revs per minute. The Bergmeister had a top speed of 145 kilometres per hour.

In 1934 the company merged with Steyr Automobile to create the Steyr-Daimler-Puch conglomerate and Austro-Daimler was dissolved. However, some chassis continued to be built up to 1937 including that of this particular model, which received a Glassier body in 1935.

Descriptions & pictures by fmm & hiveminer & Wikimedia

Production Start 1935
Country of origin Austria