1937 Aero 30 Special Roadster

  • Brand: Aero
  • Car Code: 170614

1937 Aero 30 Special Roadster Coachbuilt by Sodomka

Between 1937 and 1940 Sodomka received 29 Aero 30 Convertible chassis to be fitted with various Cabriolet and Roadster bodies. Sodomka also made the design for the Aero 30 Roadster which was actually built by the Aero factory.

Sodomka created the Aero 30 coachworks to their own design or according to private client's wishes. Various configurations were offered: Four seat Convertible, 2+1 Convertible, Two seat Roadster, 2+1 Roadster and Special Roadster, This car was one of them

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Production Start 1937
Country of origin Czechoslovakia