1937 Horch 930V Cabriolet by Glaser

  • Brand: Horch
  • Car Code: 540493

1937 Horch 930V Cabriolet by Glaser

The Horch Company is best remembered for their large-displacement 850-series touring automobiles of the late 1930s. During the economic challenges brought about by the Great Depression, they conglomerated with three other concerns to form the Auto Union in1 932. The company further responded to market unrest by introduced a junior model at the 1933 IAMA exhibition in Berlin, the 830.

The 830 Series was powered by a newly designed 3-liter V8. The engine was developed over the ensuing years and ultimate succeeded in January 1937 by the 930V. The Horch 930V models started after the 'Horchbl' series came to an end. The first 930S were built from 1937 to 1939, with a V-8 engine and 82 hp output. It had also a shorter wheelbase than the 830BL 3100 MM instead of 3350 MM. In 1938 the engine output was increased from 82 hp to 92. A total of 2054 930V's were built from 1937 to 1939. In 1939 the production was 795 vehicles that year. There were many body styles available, including sedans, 4-door cabriolets, 2-door cabriolets and 2-door roadsters (Glaser). The 1939 930V 4-door open tourer, there were very few produced, as a matter of fact it was never included in the official sales list or prospectus it was a special order car.

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Production Start 1937
Country of origin Germany