1914 Fafnir Hall-Scott Special

This 1914 Fafnir have an aero-engined beast has also recently competed at such prestigious events as Goodwood, Brooklands and so on. It’s also been featured and illustrated in several prewar racing publications.

One of the great styling touches on this car is the design of the grille, which looks less like a radiator shell and more like sheet metal artwork. The long brass hood ornament is another interesting touch, With leaf springs and tall, skinny spoke wheels all around.

In Norse mythology, Fafnir was cursed with the form of a dragon after stealing a magic ring. This explains the excellent dragon logo in the engine bay, but the allegory goes further than that. While most all Fafnir-made cars were driven by small four cylinder engines, this car has had a behemoth Hall-Scott airplane engine installed under the hood. Displacing 10.5 liters and dating from 1918, it should both roar and spit fire.

Source: Bonhams, Bringatrailer, Wikipedia, Carandclassic, Hiveminer, other

Production Start 1914
Production End 1918
Country of origin Germany