1918 Piccard-Pictet Sturtevant Aero

1918 Piccard-Pictet Sturtevant Aero Special Known as a Pic-Pic Brand

“Pic-Pic” as it was colloquially known was actually a Swiss manufacturer between 1906 and 1920 and then operating as Gnome et Rhone until 1924. For the purposes of this post I’m giving it honorary membership of “La vie en bleu” as the company was based in Geneva (i.e. the French speaking bit of Switzerland)!

Pic-Pic were drawn into car production by the request of brothers Charles & Frederic Defaux to build a 12 Litre straight-8 car they had designed. Monsieur Piccard was not impressed but Monsieur Pictet saw the potential of moving the company into full-blown automobile manufacture and this eventually led to them producing Hispano Suiza cars under license in Switzerland .

This particular Pic-Pic is a 9.062 Litre Sturtevant Aero Engined Special. It was beautifully prepared and had lovely features such as the the lovely Pic-Pic logo on the grill and on the cockpit floor, open engine valve gear and the most enormous rear chain drive.

Descriptions & pictures by cumbriancarnut & hiveminer & other

Production Start 1918
Country of origin Switzerland