1926 Talbot-Darracq 1.5-Litre GP

1926 Talbot-Darracq 1.5-Litre GP
The third and final Talbot Darracq Grand Prix car was eventually sold by Platé to England. In 1947 it was raced by George Radford during the first post-War race in England at Grandson Lodge. A year later it was acquired by Australian Jack Day, who brought the car to Melbourne. Together with Cec Warren and Reg Nutt, he regularly campaigned the car in local events. In 1988 the current owner acquired the car and spent the next twenty years painstakingly restoring it to its original configuration.
The Platé built chassis was retained while a new body panels were carefully crafted by Richard Stanley following the 1920s design. The tired engine was also extensively refurbished and as per the original drawings a new crank-case was cast and fresh cylinders and a crankshaft were cut. During the 2009 Philip Island Classic, he could finally pick the fruits of his labour. A year later he decided to let go of his prized possession.

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Production Start 1926
Country of origin Great Britain