1966 Porsche 906 'Carrera Six' Endurance Racing Coupe

The 1966 Porsche 906 Carrera Six is a two-seat endurance racing coupe produced by Porsche. It was designed for sports car racing and is often referred to as the "Carrera 6." Here are some key details about this iconic racing car:

Overview: The Porsche 906 Carrera 6 was introduced in 1966 as a successor to the Porsche 904. It was specifically designed for endurance racing and competed in various international racing events, including the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring.

Engine: The car was powered by a 2.0-liter, air-cooled, flat-six engine. This engine produced around 210 to 220 horsepower, depending on the specific configuration.

Chassis: The 906 featured a lightweight chassis made of fiberglass and steel. This design contributed to the car's overall performance and agility on the race track.

Aerodynamics: Porsche paid particular attention to aerodynamics in the 906's design. It featured a sleek and low-profile body, which helped it achieve high speeds and improved handling.

Racing Success: The Porsche 906 Carrera 6 enjoyed considerable success in endurance racing. Notably, it won its class at the 1966 24 Hours of Daytona and the 1967 Targa Florio.

Legacy: The 906 Carrera 6 is considered a significant milestone in Porsche's racing history, as it marked the transition from the 904 to the 910 and eventually led to the development of the iconic Porsche 917.

Collectibility: Due to its historical significance and racing pedigree, the Porsche 906 Carrera 6 is highly sought after by collectors and automotive enthusiasts. Well-preserved examples can command a high price on the classic car market.

Production: Porsche produced a limited number of 906 Carrera 6 units, with estimates suggesting that around 65 to 70 cars were built in total.

Overall, the 1966 Porsche 906 Carrera Six is a legendary sports car known for its racing prowess and its role in shaping Porsche's motorsport legacy. It remains an iconic and collectible piece of automotive history.

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Production Start 1966
Country of origin France