1920 Packard Model E Truck

1920 Packard Model E Truck

The Packard Motor Company was built off the back of a snub James Ward Parckard received from Alexander Winton, owner of the Winton Motor Carriage Company. A mechanical engineer, James offered suggestions that he believed would drastically improve Wintons cars, was ignored, then decided to build his own. He partnered with his brother William, Winton shareholder George Lewis Weiss, and got to work. Packards first car was completed on November 6, 1899, and within four years over 400 had been built in their Warren, Ohio factory.

During that time, Henry Bourne Joy, a member of one of Detroits oldest and wealthiest families, bought a Packard. Impressed by its reliability, he visited the Packards and soon enlisted a group of investors and formed the Packard Motor Car Company, with James Packard as president. Packard moved operations to Detroit soon after, and Joy became general manager (and later chairman of the board).

From the beginning, Packard was a leading manufacturer in the high-priced luxury American automobile market. Yet they produced trucks as well, and from 1905 to 1923 put over 40,000 units on the road. These were the heavy haulers of their day, capable of carrying at least a ton of cargo, sold off the back of their famous "ask the man who owns one" slogan.

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Production Start 1920
Country of origin USA